Sharon Gilchrist

Alumni-Spotlight-Sharon-GilchristMeet Ms. Sharon Gilchrist, a shining alumna of Maya Angelou Public Charter School! Ms. Gilchrist graduated from the Evans campus in 2009. She is originally from Washington, DC and grew up near Minnesota Avenue. Since graduating, she has spent some time living in North Carolina. In 2010, she returned to the Washington, DC area when offered a job work at the Maya Angelou Schools. For the past four years, she has offered her services and talents as a Dedicated Aide to Exceptional Learners. When asked to describe what she enjoys most about her job, she mentions the ability to give back to students who are going through similar situations that she went through when she was a student. Ms. Gilchrist recognizes the issues and challenges that arise in student’s lives that may prevent them from fulfilling their potential. For that reason, she believes it is essential for all staff members to, “look at the whole picture of the student, before making any judgments.”

Ms. Gilchrist contributes her own personal success to the mentors she met at Maya.

“I remember when I was at Maya, it was like having a second family, and even when we weren’t doing the right things, we always had someone to talk to,” Ms. Gilchrist stated when describing her relationship with teachers and staff members when she was a students. “There were teachers like Mrs. Wright-Cunningham who I could go to with anything, and she would always encourage me to do my best.”

Besides from being an amazing Dedicated Aide, Ms. Gilchrist is a new mom to 5 month old baby Preston. She is attending the University of District of Columbia, and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.